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Grade X toppers for the academic year 2019- 2020.

We proudly present our Grade X toppers for the academic year 2019- 2020.

SSRVM Bangalore South proudly presents our Grade XII toppers for the academic year 2019-2020

Jai Gurudev, SSRVM Bangalore South proudly presents our Grade XII toppers for the academic year 2019-2020. Kudos to all of you. You have done the school proud.We wish you all the best for your future. Guru and God bless you all with many more laurels in the coming days.

Online fitness sessions

We encourage all our students to benefit from the online fitness sessions that will keep them active during this period. #StayHomeStaySafe

Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar on his Birth anniversary

Remembering Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar on his Birth anniversary today. Students and staff of SSRVM, BENGALURU SOUTH
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We are delighted to share that Hari Madhav A

We are delighted to share that Hari Madhav A. of grade VII-A is one of the youngest kids in the world to become a WhiteHat Jr Certified Game developer. He is awarded the certificate for game development by a panel of computer scientists from IIT, Google, Intel, Microsoft & Amazon. We are proud of his achievement and wish him many more accolades in the future!

Pariksha pe Charcha

"Pariksha par charcha" an initiative by the Government of India was held at Gyandeep Global School, Harlalpur and was viewed online by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir, Bengaluru South students and teachers on Jan 20th, Sadhana Hall at 11 a. m. Our Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi ji interacted and encouraged the students how to face the exams positively . He highlighted the important role of the students who are in Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12 in becoming proactive citizens of our country. He counselled them on ways to deal with pressure and expectations from parents and teachers. The parents and teachers got valuable tips on motivating the younger generation and this session motivated all alike.

The Constitution Day or Samvidhan Divas

The Constitution Day or Samvidhan Divas was observed in SSRVM BANGALORE SOUTH on 26 November 2019 at 11:00 am. Student of Grade 10 Aditya Rajan spoke about the importance of Constitution Day. Soumya Kohli of Grade 8 and Ananditha of Grade 9 read English and Hindi preamble and all the students and teachers repeated the same in the school.

Field Trip for the Students of Grade III to the Bannerghatta National Park

SSRVM Bangalore South School organized a field trip for the students of Grade III to the Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore on 24th October 2019. Children were extremely excited to see the serenity of the nature while travelling to the park by bus. Children were taken first to the 'Safari' which gives an opportunity to see the wild animals just a footstep away by going through the forest in a covered van. Secondly, students were directed to the 'Butterfly park' where they could enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of the butterflies by knowing its life-cycle, habitat etc in detail. Children rested a while to have their lunch which they enjoyed in an open space unlike their regular school day. Later students had a great opportunity to view a lot of animals in the zoo by walking through the lush green space of the National Park turning it into a great memory of their lifetime.

Educational Field Trip to Innovative Film CIty

Grade 5 students visited Innovative Film City as a part of their educational field trip. The students went through various kinds of experiences like archery, magic show, aqua kingdom, nature park, scientific museum, Dino park and had lots of fun.

'Dussehra' Celebration

Primary students celebrated 'Dussehra' by displaying various dolls (Golu) which made them aware that the divine dwells in each and everything in this world and thereby seen in multiple forms.. Also they realised the importance of taking care of everything in the nature.

Krishna Janamashtami Celebration

They love to play roles, why not give them Role models to play. Our Pre-primary students, dressed up as Krishna and Radha celebrated Krishna Janamashtami with great enthusiasm. We sang and we danced, we played Matki and watched movie on the life of Krishna. It was a sight to watch them flaunt their beautiful dresses and their ever giggling faces.

Onam Celebration

Onam, the annual harvest festival of Kerala was celebrated with much splendour and euphoria in the school. The day began with a special assembly by the students of class X-B.The Pookalam and Thiruvathira dance by the teachers added to the festive mood. The Onasadya at the end was the cherry on the cake. The day was enjoyed by the students and teachers alike.

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated in SSRVM BS in a grand way with divine chantings. Our very own pundits Vighneshwar sir and Mahabaleshwar sir chanted shlokas and performed Gowri Ganesha Puja in a traditional way. All the students took part in it and took blessings of lord Ganesha. They were also given prasad.

Teachers day was celebrated by our primary students

Teachers day was celebrated by our primary students with a lot of excitement and surprises. The celebration began with an auspicious Gurupuja. The little ones sang a wonderful song for their teachers and also greeted each and every teacher with a specially made card. They wished all their teachers with so much love that could be seen on their beaming faces. They made sure their teachers enjoyed their day.

'Pradarshinee 2019', Our Annual Exhibition

'Pradarshinee 2019', our Annual Exhibition commenced with great pomp and splendour on the 31st of August, 2019. The event aimed at promoting scientific temperament and linguistic skills coupled with mathematical fluency. The artistic streak of the students and teachers were well displayed. Bill Gates words that "We are changing the world with technology ' came true with the IT exhibits. All in all it unveiled the hidden potential of the students and teachers of SSRVM Bangalore South which was lauded by the visitors and parents alike.

The Grand Opening of Our new School library

The grand opening of the new School library was on 19th Aug 2019. Mrs.Rama Venkatesh, from SSRVM Trust inaugurated the new hall and lighted the lamp for the beginning of week-long Scholastic book fair. Number of activities continued throughout the week like: Story telling (PP 3 to Grade 2) Coloring activity(PP 1 and PP 2) Scholastic book browsing (1st to 12th grade)

Pottery Workshop for the Students

SSRVM Bangalore South organized a pottery workshop for the students of grades 3 to 10. Children were so enthusiastic and enjoyed making their Ganesha idols on their own.

Verbattle Beginners' Debate competition 2019, Skirmish Level

Students of Grade 4 and 5 participated in the verbattle Beginners' Debate competition 2019, Skirmish Level. We are proud to announce that two of our students Reva Dwivedi of Grade 5 and Vedha Menon of grade 4 got selected for the next level of the competition, The Confrontation Level.

Field trip to 'Madhuvana'

The students of grade 4 got an opportunity to visit 'Madhuvana' as a part of their field trip. They experienced the joy of rural living in a home away from home. They witnessed the life of a typical village in Karnataka and had fun with their friends and teachers.

Miracles on wheels

Miracles on wheels, You should know how it feels, Where youngsters of special abilities, Show their talents which reveals, The world is not all that it seems, Being happy and cheerful it does appease, Where's the disability? It just conceals, With the positive attitude of these, Innocent kids who are celebrating abilities, When we see them dance with ease, All the complaints come to cease, It's just head over heels, The big heart that steals, Their smiling eyes that sees, The beauty within them just reveals, Their true talents and capabilities, Just leave us spellbound by their expertise!!!

A study trip to Dairy Day ice cream factory

SRI SRI RAVISHANKAR VIDYA MANDIR STUDY VISIT – DAIRY DAY ICE CREAM FACTORY DATE - 9TH JULY’19 CLASS 11 & 12 NO. OF STUDENTS – 47 TEACHERS IN-CHARGE – P.B BELA, PARINEETHA, SUMA, SHAMBHAVI A study trip to Dairy Day ice cream factory was organised for the students of Class 11 & 12 in order to get a hands on experience related to the production, marketing, accounting and functioning of an ice cream factory. It was an interactive session where the students asked various questions which was answered in a detailed manner by Mr. Prakash Manghat, Senior Manager. The students were shown around the entire factory which involved various activities starting from the mix section, different processes involved in ice cream making, quality control and ending with details of the dispatch areas. At the end of the session, each student was offered a complimentary cup of fresh ice cream.

Utkarsha Yoga & Medha Yoga Programs

Utkarsha Yoga & Medha Yoga Programs were conducted in Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Bangalore South by the senior art of living faculty Shreya Chugh and her team.

A Creative Workshop

Maya Angelou has rightly said “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have”. To give an impetus to the creative streak of our students; a creative workshop was organised for grade 8, 9 and 10 learners by renowned author Mr Manish Arora. The students learnt how to be creative through various activities and games. The workshop ended with an increased insight into the story building process.

CBSE cluster VIII Volleyball Tournament

The students of SSRVM Bangalore South had participated in the CBSE cluster VIII Volleyball tournament organised by Sri Kumaran's school. They made the school immensely proud by securing the runners-up position in Under 19 girls volleyball tournament. We congratulate them on this feat.

Yoga Exercises of Pre-Primary

A good start of the day ensure happy and productive day ahead. Students of Pre-Primary, 1st and 2nd Grades start their day with shloka chanting, yoga exercises, sharing Value of the day and little silent time to think how will they make their day more success for themselves.


SSRVM BANGALORE SOUTH football champs have secured SILVER in CBSE Regional Championships.

Sri Utsav - Day 2

Sri Utsav - Day 2 witnessed lots of colourful performances. Kids participated wholeheartedly in various competitions like Pick and Speak, Classical Music and Folk Dance.

"SRI UTSAV - 2019"

SSRVM Bangalore South conducted "SRI UTSAV - 2019" to motivate and nurture the hidden talents of our young kids and to facilitate the overall holistic development of each and every child by encouraging them and giving them the opportunity to strive more. Our children performed enthusiastically in different competitions like elocution, solo singing & mono acting. We started the program with an inaugural function. Children enacted a play reminding Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar ji's thought that "Winning or losing, life is a celebration". The skit made the kids aware that it is important to participate in all the activities and to be happy... in winning... or making others win.

73rd Independence Day Celebration

The 73rd Independence Day was celebrated with great pomp and splendour at SSRVM Bangalore South. The students of Ayurveda College , Sri Sri Gurukulam and the ashram security joined us in the festivities. A wide array of patriotic songs and cultural programmes were showcased by all the students. Miss Jaina Desai, our chief guest addressed the audience and motivated one and all with her words of wisdom. The pyramid formation by our NCC cadets was absolutely breathtaking. We wish you all A Very Happy Independence Day! Jai Hind

Guru Poornima we commenced our celebrations at SSRVM, Bangalore South

On this auspicious day of Guru Poornima we commenced our celebrations at SSRVM, Bangalore South with the holy chanting of Guru Pooja by Swami Vishwaroop ji. The entire hall reverberated with the satsang bhajans and the chanting. There were a myriad of activities which included the chanting of Guru paduka strotham, Guru bhajans, Throtakashatam, Sanskrit speech by Sampada (Grade 12) and Guru song by Anandita and Shraddha (Grade 9). It was a great experience for the teachers as the students showed their gratitude and love. The students had taken lot of efforts by taking interviews of teachers, making power point presentations, creative writing and many more...which was showcased today. The teachers and all elders blessed them for their future endeavours. Happy Gurupoornima to one and all

Investiture Ceremony

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become are a leader.” With this hope and expectation, the newly elected student council members were inducted to their positions. The occasion was graced by Jaina Desai ji Trustee, SSRVM Trust, Shiva Kanchibhotla ji, Administrator, SSRVM Trust and Harish Ramachamdran ji, CEO Sumeru Software Solutions. The students pledged to uphold the name of the institution and work fervently for the betterment of their school. We congratulate all of them and wish them the very best in their endeavour.

The new Pre Primary block of SSRVM Banaglore South

The new Pre Primary block of SSRVM Banaglore South was inaugurated by our dearest Bhanu Narasimhan. Now we get ready to welcome the little angels.

Fifth Annual International Day of Yoga

Fifth International Day of Yoga was celebrated in SSRVM Bangalore South with zeal and enthusiasm. Grade 3 to 5 kids enjoyed doing simple yogasanas followed by meditation. Seniors followed the Common Yoga Protocol as per Ministry of AYUSH Sri Sri Yoga, Ccryn Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy Kamlesh Barwal Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir - SSRVM

Yoga day competitions at Sri Sri school of Yoga

Our students of SSRVM Bengaluru South, participated in various events at Sri Sri School of Yoga on 21st June 2019. Rishit Manoj bagged the first prize in shloka chanting while Krithika and Moksha bagged the second prizes. They have made us so proud of them. Vaishnavi added a feather in our cap by bagging the first prize in drawing competition. Kudos to all the facilitators for their meticulous training. We congratulate the students and their parents for this wonderful accomplishment.

“Shraddha” Teachers Training Program

Shraddha - The advent of the new academic session began with the most awaited in-house training program for teachers, "Shraddha " by our beloved Mrs. Mamatha Ravi Prakash ji Principal SSRVM, North. It has empowered teachers to understand, follow and implement the pedagogies derived from the teachings of Pujya Gurudev. The teachers were fortunate to be addressed by speakers like our beloved trustee Ms Jaina Desai and Senior Art of Living Meditation teacher Mr. Prashant Rajore ji.

Environment Day Celebrations

As part of Environment Day celebrations at Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir, Bangalore South, the learners from Grades 6 to 10 were part of different events. Grade 6 - Reused Shoe box for making home for birds. Grade 7 - paper bag making. Grade 8- Green hub ( flower pots making out of recycled materials) Grade 9- Creating awareness through campaigning in school regarding importance of environmental day through flash cards . Grade 10- Cleaning of campus. NCC- plantation Skit - save Trees It was very encouraging to see so much enthusiasm in these young minds for their environment. We are proud to say that we are grooming the next generation effectively.